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Salt spray Test Chamber : – Simple Model :- (Flat Lid Model)
(Made of perspex sheet)
‘Lab Care’ make Salt Spray Cabinet suitable for conducting ‘Salt Fog test’ on specimens for evaluating performance under long-term exposure of a specific environmental condition.
The instruments is improved to meet the IS 2074 Standard specification. The complete instrument is made from 6 mm thick imported Perspex sheet. Specially designed one side sloped chamber, Flat Lid with ventilation, Buffel Plate, Spray nozzle, Trays for Specimens, hanging facility for small parts, and other std. accessories but without compressor.

(Note: Same salted water re-circulates in this model.)

A. Size : 680 mm x 320 mm x 310 mm
(Suitable for testing 16 panels of 6” x 4” at a time.)

B. Size : 680 mm x 500 mm x 410 mm
(Suitable for testing 24 panels of 6” x 4” at a time.)

Note: Catalogue on request

  • Salt Spray Cabinet –Thermostatic (IS 101/IS 2074 )
  • Salt Spray Cabinet –Compact (ASTM B117)
  • Paint Corrosion Oven (IS 101)
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