Rotary shaking (Platform Type)

/Rotary shaking (Platform Type)
Rotary shaking (Platform Type) 2018-05-12T15:58:18+00:00

Platform type mounted on Heavy Duty MS angle frame fitted with heavy cast Iron Pulleys. Electrically Driven PMDC /AC Motor offering rotary shaking action at fixed speed of 200 rpm or variable speed from 50 to 250 rpm.
Flexible spring action lotus shaped clamps; one tray is provided for holding flasks of 500 ml. capacity.
Supplied without Flasks. Power supply 230VAC 50Hz.

   Model Capacity To hold Flasks     Platform Size

      L x B (cms)

       a)              9 x 500ml.           50 x 50
       b)            12 x 500ml.           50 x 60
       c)            16 x 500ml.           60 x 60
       d)            25 x 500ml.           75 x 75
       e)            36 x 500ml.           80 x 80
       f)            49 x 500ml.           90 x 90
       g)          100 x 500ml.         120 x 120
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