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Plant Growth Chamber have been working successfully in many research, Education and agriculture industries. Microprocessor/PID/Digital control provides precise temperature, relative humidity and illumination maintain uniform and accurate growth environment, timer, alarm, auto-tuning and auto stat stop function in our Plant Growth Chamber 999 cycles Programmable controller provides automatic operation of variable temperature, humidity and illumination value can be attained in the manufacturer Plant Growth Chamber.

Special Features:
Complete with Cooling / Heating / Humidity and illumination control system. Also know as Environmental Test Chambers or Stability Chambers –Construction:  Double Walled both side
& Back and Bottom triple walled
STD/GMP Model Available
Working Tempering: 5°C to 60°C.  ± 1°C
Working Humidity Range: 40 to 95% +/- 3%
Refrigeration System: CFC Free

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  • Intensity: Minimum 850micromoles /m sq. /s with option of high intensity lights
  • Programming and control: Independent level programming to set up day/night programming.
  • Lamps: Balanced spectrum for plant growth using fluorescent and incandescent light
  • Operating Voltage: 230 VAC -50Hz

Available in following Size (Customized sized also available on request)

    Model- LC-40 Capacity      (Liters)         Working Space
       H x D x  W (cms)
        a)       6 cft   (180)           70 x 51 x 51       2
        b)     10 cft   (300)         100 x 55 x 55       3
        c)     12 cft    (360)         100 x 60 x 60       3
        d)     16 cft    (480)         114 x 65 x 65       4