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Highly durable and quite in operation, this Pharma Dehumidifier is intended to offer humidity control for wide and open spaces. Its rugged exterior helps protect the internal components from lower ambient temperatures as well as from adverse conditions. Integrated with adjustable humidistat  and fully-automatic condensate pump, this dehumidifier maintains the level of dryness to suit surrounding environment.& also this can be used Food Industry, packaging Rooms, Computer & highly sophisticated Instruments rooms where lower humidity up to 30% to 40% Rh is required. Cum Indicator. Hermetically sealed compressor unit for CFC free cooling system.

Features & Product Details:

  • Model : Standard & GMP Available
  • Body Material: Stainless Steel/Mild Steel Powder Coated
  • Dehumidifying Capacity :1  TR to 2.5 tr
  • Humidity Range: Ambient to 30 % Down
  • Humidity controller :   Digital RH indicator cum controller
  • Room temperature
  • Type    : Vertical, Easy to movable  ,Automatic Humidity Controlling System & Rugged design
  • Drain Water: Internal water reservoir tank inbuilt aprox: 25 Ltrs
     Model        Coverage  Area        Height      Capacity
        a)          250 sq .feet        10 feet           1 T
        b)          325 sq. feet        10 feet        1.5 T
        c)          400 sq. feet        10 feet           2 T
        d)          500 sq. feet        10 feet        2.5 T